Alaska Space Grant Consortium Director Selected for NASA’s Space Tech Prize

NASA’s Space Tech Prize Bolsters Diversity, Inclusivity Champions

NASA selected the first winners of the agency’s Space Tech Catalyst prize to expand engagement with underrepresented and diverse individuals in the space technology sector as part of the agency’s broader commitment to inclusivity and collaboration. The winners are receiving $25,000 each to create more inclusive space technology ecosystems.

“As NASA continues to explore the unknown, making the impossible possible, we are committed to engaging talents from all backgrounds to advance exploration,” said Shahra Lambert, NASA senior advisor for engagement. “By providing funding to this space technology community, NASA is ensuring the Artemis Generation will have the necessary tools to expand humanity’s reach.”

  • Dr. Denise Thorsen, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Director of Alaska Space Grant Consortium

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Image Credit: NASA

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Jimi Russell
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