Wyoming Space Grant Consortium visits Powell Middle School

Powell Middle School sixth grade students learned about the effects of radiation Thursday and Friday thanks to a visit from NASA representative Megan Candelaria and University of Wyoming graduate student Buck Scougale.

The visit came following the sixth graders completion of their Artemis 1 research projects. Artemis 1 was an unmanned flight conducted by NASA in early December 2022. Sixth grade science teacher Necole Hanks had reached out to the University of Wyoming’s science initiative about sending scientists to help her students learn about the effects of radiation related to space travel.  

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Author Credit: Braden Schiller

Image Credit: Braden Schiller

Image Description: Powell Middle School sixth grader Breiyah Bonander (from left) watches NASA representative Megan Candelaria demonstrate a radiation based activity using a cloud chamber. Sixth graders Blake Bessler and Autumn Allred also watch intently to see how the artificial contrails behave.