Six Habits of Effective Interns

Thousands of students apply for NASA internships every session and a few hundred of them are selected to support NASA missions each session. There are various reasons why a student may be selected for an internship at NASA. The vast majority of interns who are selected achieve their academic success by developing and applying effective work and study habits. For students seeking a NASA internship, we say to keep going, develop new habits like the ones below, and apply what you know to internship projects that align with your career interests. Here are six effective habits of successful interns at NASA that you can aim for today:

1. Set goals for yourself

Once a month take some time out of your busy schedule to set some goals. These can be goals about your career, internship, or projects.


Some good examples of goals are:

  • Take good detail notes
  • Set an hour to check in with your mentor
  • Attend one center event per month
  • Become comfortable with virtual platforms
  • Set some time for training materials each week
  • Learn a new skill about your mission


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Be sure to reach out to your state’s Space Grant Consortium to ask how they may be able to support you!