Louisiana Space Grant Consortium

LURA: Nestorova / Willis, LaTech

Program Type: Internship/Fellowship/Scholarship

The LaSPACE Undergraduate Research Assistantship (LURA) Program is directed at undergraduate science and engineering students who are interested in space/aerospace science and technology. The intent of the LURA program is to supplement and enhance the undergraduate academic curriculum by providing the science/engineering student with a hands-on, mentored research experience relevant to space sciences. A LURA project will be a joint effort between a faculty researcher, who serves as mentor and project Principal Investigator, and an undergraduate research assistant. This PI/student team will usually work on the PIs existing space related research but may develop a new Aerospace-related project. We aim to issue 4-8 LURA awards annually.

The LURA award provides for student support for the research assistant, who will be designated as a LaSPACE Undergraduate Research Assistant. A LURA award is set at $6 k per student for a 12 month period and is used primarily for a supplemental student stipend plus travel for a student research presentation, with a minimum amount available for research supplies (No more than $750). A joint application is submitted by both the student and the faculty mentor. Student applicants must coordinate their effort with a faculty mentor and be able to devote 10-20 hours per week to the project. Faculty mentors must 1) be affiliated with a LaSPACE campus, 2) be engaged in NASA Mission Directorate related aerospace research or education, and 3) serve as the student faculty mentor.