Colorado Space Grant Consortium

ASU Space Grant

Program Type: Higher Education, Informal Education

A couple years ago, ASU Space Grant what wholly focused on robotics. Over the past 2 years, the ASU Space Grant program has endeavored to become more comprehensive as it meets the needs of ASU undergraduates and the surrounding community. Part of this effort has been engaging STEAM projects – the addition of ARTS into our programming has led to exciting collaborations, including the development of a Mars habitat exhibit. ASU Space Grant facilitates high altitude balloon payloads and autonomous rover projects for ASU students.

The Robot Lab as merged with the SLV (San Luis Valley) STEAM Shop makerspace. This has resulted in some exciting project opportunities for ASU students and the wider community. ASU continues to host the annual Colorado Robotics Challenge and the pre-Challenge makerspace. This past year we also hosted small scale workshops focusing on casting and Arduino use.