Arizona Space Grant Consortium

Arizona State Undergrad Mentored NIFS

Program Type: Higher Education, Pre-College, Informal Education

Arizona Space Grant Consortium Undergraduate Research Scholarships place students in mentored STEM and NASA-related research with faculty and research professionals on university campuses, in the local research sector and industry and occasionally, at NASA Centers. These opportunities inspire awardees into advanced degree programs, and ultimately into the American NASA STEM-related workforce. Mentored research experiences may generate professional publications, presentations at professional meetings/conferences, proposals and more. These significant products of Arizona Space Grant Consortium funded research at Arizona State University are summarized and reported herein and/or in an associated activity report. In addition, Arizona State University Undergraduate Research Internships come with a mandatory 20 hours public service outreach component. In FY 2018, ASU Space Grant scholars have participated in 24 various Pre-College, Higher Education and Informal Education venues with a combined total of 752 volunteer hours. Such outreach efforts are summarized in associated Informal Education, Higher Education and Pre-College sub-element activity forms.