Arizona Space Grant Consortium

Arizona State Graduate Scholarships

Program Type: Higher Education, Pre-College

The Arizona State University/NASA Space Grant Graduate Scholarship program funds at least two graduate scholarships for an academic year or four scholarships for one semester each (fall or spring) to ensure reasonable time to undertake a high quality outreach or informal education project. Applicants propose projects geared to promote science literacy, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) learning. It is recommended but not required that the project benefit those traditionally underrepresented in STEM. The formal or informal education proposal can be closely tied to the applicants area of graduate research, but research is not the primary focus of these fellowships. Graduate fellows select and build partnerships with an Educational Outreach Advisor. Awarded projects are varied. They are summarized and reported in several sub-element project categories, Higher Education, Research-Infrastructure, Pre-College, and General Public, based on the audiences served and OEPM reporting instructions about where specific types of information must be reported. Projects may generate college courses, which are reported under a Higher Education sub-element. Various pre-college directed outreach is reported in that categorys sub-element report.