Georgia Space Grant Consortium

Agnes Scott College NASA Scholars

Program Type: Internship/Fellowship/Scholarship

Two scholarships will be granted to students in Fall 2017 at the sophomore or junior level, one in the area of astronomy outreach, and the other in the area of astronomy research. The scholarships will be named NASA Outreach Scholar and NASA Research Scholar. These scholarships will give the Department of Physics & Astronomy the opportunity to increase the number and diversity of astronomy and physics majors at Agnes Scott College, to provide graduates with the necessary skill sets for STEM-related work, and to highlight the importance of both research and outreach in NASAs mission.

Students will be allowed to apply their scholarship funds to tuition, room & board, and book costs at the college (thereby reducing their need to borrow for these costs). Goals:
1. To increase the number and diversity of Agnes Scott College majors in Physics and Astrophysics (3 years)
2. To recognize student achievement at the College level in the areas of research and outreach related to NASA mission goals (1 year)
3. To decrease the debt at graduation for students who graduate in STEM fields (3 years)