Georgia Space Grant Consortium

Agnes Scott College Bradley Observatory

Program Type: Informal Education

The Looking Up: Expanding Local Horizons through Bradley Observatory project supports two programs related to astronomy outreach.
K-12 Outreach: Bradley Observatory has had an active K-12 program for over two decades. Recently, the Observatory expanded its K-12 outreach program through school group visits to the Observatory and evening visits to local schools. This program is largely voluntary, supported by interested student volunteers. Continued funding from GSGC allows the Observatory to expand its K-12 outreach work in specific, measurable ways.
Open House Lecture Series 2017-18: GSGC is supporting costs for the 2017-2018 Open House Lecture Series. Costs for these events are relatively minor, including a small budget for refreshments, a modest honorarium for non-College speakers, and travel costs for out-of-town speakers. In 2017-2018 four speakers are from out of town and two of those are alumnae.