South Dakota Space Grant Consortium

Aerospace Industry Partnership

Program Type: Higher Education

In the absence of any state aerospace industries, SDSGC established a major partnership with L-3 Communications West (Salt Lake City) in 2011. During FY2018, this partnership included: A) the following two SDSM&T summer 2018 student internships fully-funded by L-3 for a total of $23,751 in L-3 non-federal matching funds: Saige Herbert ($16,595) and Katharine Knott ($11,550) in return for: B) $12,000 in SDSGC NIFS funding for three (3) $4,000 stipends during the 2018-19 school year provided to the following SDSM&T students in departments from which L-3 recruits: 1) Saige Herbert, a senior in the Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management Department (who was hired by L-3 as a summer 2017 student Intern), 2) Austin Gill, a graduate (MS) student majoring in Computational Sciences and Robotics, and 3) Keagan Peters, a senior majoring in Electrical Engineering. The $12,000 in NASA Fellowship-Scholarship funding reflected in these three $4,000 L-3 Space Grant Scholarships are included in the NASA budget figures under the Project Activity titled SDSGC Fellowship Program; thus those dollar figures are not reported under this Aerospace Industry Partnership template.