Space Grant Support Services

In keeping with its mission to support and enhance the Space Grant network the NSGF administers the a wide range of support services for the Space Grant network. By enabling the network to work together in conducting some of its common tasks the NSGF is providing opportunities for each state based program to take advantage of economies of scale.  The Foundation provides the following support services to the Space Grant network.

  1. Bank accounts for each Space Grant (expendable & endowment)
  2. Ability to accept donations on behalf of state Space Grant programs
  3. Ability to engage in contracts on behalf of the entire network or a section of the network
  4. Administration of the NSGF Distinguished Service Award and Banquet
  5. Common URL for each state based Space Grant program
  6. Mailing lists for the Space Grant Directors and Program Coordinators
  7. Hosting of the Coordinators web site
  8. Hosting of the National Council of Space Grant Directors Web site
  9. Credit Card Processing for meeting registration fees and other items
  10. Student & Faculty Stipend Support
  11. Website Development and Design
  12. Meeting registration and payment processing

For more information about these services please contact Mark Fischer.