2016 John Mather Nobel Scholars

In July 2016, fifteen summer interns at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in Maryland were awarded John Mather Nobel Scholarships by The National Space Grant Foundation, Inc. The funding for the scholarships originated in a generous contribution from the John and Jane Mather Foundation for Science and the Arts which in turn was funded from the award of the 2006 Nobel Prize for Physics to Dr. Mather.

The award consists in the designation "John Mather Nobel Scholar," plus a $3000 scientific travel grant over a two year period.

The 2016 John Mather Nobel Scholars are:

  • Ashley Chontos - University of Hawaii
  • Angela Crews - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Michael DeLuca - University of Colorado Boulder
  • Veronica Foreman - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Kenneth Gordon - James Madison University
  • David Hinckley - University of Vermont
  • Christine Hoffman - University of California
  • Hudson Loughlin - Princeton University
  • Michael McClellan - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Ross McCurdy - University of Iowa
  • Maria McQuillan - University of Saint Thomas
  • Charlotte Olsen - Humboldt State University
  • Joe Renaud - George Mason University
  • Michael Van Akin - Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Alexandra Wold - American University