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William A HiscockBill Hiscock passed away in the hospital on the evening of April 21, 2009. He had been ill for some time, and it was this illness that forced him to step down as the MSU Physics Department Head last summer. Bill was an outstanding faculty member in his department, serving as Head of the Department from 2003 to 2008, and at the same time as Director of the Montana Space Grant Consortium, and the NASA EPSCoR program.William A Hiscock

Bill was known for his animated lectures on cosmology, including his own special course for entering freshman Physics majors, "From Quarks to the Cosmos". Bill also led a very active research group investigating topics in the quantum theory of gravity, space-based gravitational wave detection, relativistic fluid dynamics, and the application of elementary particle physics to relativistic astrophysics and cosmology.

Bill continued to be active as the MSGC Director during the last year of his life, working from home, submitting proposals, and providing advice for the new Head of the Department. Bill was instrumental in the National Space Grant Student Satellite Program. He, along with others in the Space Grant family, led hands-on workshops to teach and train other faculty and students around the country. Through these efforts over 100 new student ballooning programs have been created, engaging thousands of students.

Bill had the rather unique opportunity to present to the Obama Transition Team for NASA this past winter.

Bill will be fondly remembered, and greatly missed by all who knew him.

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